Arrangements are ongoing, and the phone is almost gone

Well, I got the memorial service arranged for Mom for Friday, May 2. Just one day before what would have been her 70th birthday and 3 days before Michael’s 2nd birthday. Fate is a bitch, sometimes.

I have been in and out of grief for the last 3 days, which is normal, I suppose. I don’t even mind it, really; Mom should have somebody to shed tears for her, and who better than her only son? She deserved more than just me to cry for her, but you can’t always get justice.

So Friday and Saturday this week I am in the apartment, clearing it out. Lots of memories, but I think it might actually be therapeutic doing it. The kicker will be cancelling the phone service for the final time. We have had the same phone number for 30 years; calling that quits will mark the end of an era in my immediate family.

I will probably be moving in and out of grief for some time to come, but as my cousin Ralph assured me, you do come to peace with it. I just need to ride this out to its conclusion.

More later.


~ by Rob Parrilla on April 26, 2008.

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