Thursday is Hell Day

Mike P.
Originally uploaded by rapnyc.

Really. My last 2 periods of the day are usually the Classes from the Pit of Flames. I get them back to back, after the occupants thereof have been loaded up with carbs and enough sugar to launch a rocket ship. Then they are sent, howling and falling over each other, into class, where they proceed to converse, yell at each other, shout across to one another, exchange desserts, laugh, tie shoelaces, and otherwise nullify any chance of the class getting anywhere. Usually. Today, though, was an unexpected phenomenon: the first of the classes came in and everything was more or less OKAY. Weird!

I was soon to find out that Nature, abhoring the vacuum, had decided to stack the chaos and concentrate it into the last class of the day instead, where all hell broke loose. After 70 minutes of this fun, I was now ready for Extended Time, 30 minutes of EXTRA tutoring (thanks for nothing, Randi Weingarten),after which I hustled it up to Lehman in the Bronx. I am now in the computer lab in Carman Hall, where I should be finishing up my epic PowerPoint presentation but instead am drafting up this bit of breathless, deathless prose. Bad me.

Then of course…I think of da littlest gangsta…and it’s all good, all over again. Sweet.


~ by Rob Parrilla on October 5, 2006.

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