Sunshine, on my shoulder…

OK, this has been a day. A beautiful sunny day, absolutely spectacular. The Yankees are up in the Bronx having their home opener, and the year is hitting its stride.

We just got back in from Beth Israel, from Ting’s latest ultrasound. Whenever I go in there, I am always nervous, a legacy from the Allison incident. Michael, however, appears to be fine. Just fine. Thank God. His spine, size, everything appears to be in order, and he currently weights 18 ounces. His first pound! Only 189 to go till he matches me!

Ting is radiantly beautiful to me lately, which is an utterly cliched thing to say, but it is true. I have never seen her so happy.

I believe this baby is really and truly a gift from Grandma, dear Grandma, who passed away one year ago this week. I miss her daily. I can only hope that she is happy, reunited with all but one of her children.

Anyway. Michael is fine. Ting is fine. We are fine. More to come later.


~ by Rob Parrilla on April 11, 2006.

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