So far, so good…

Well, we had a scare with the baby this week.

We had run a series of blood tests with Ting last week, and this week they came back with a finding that we had scored higher than normal for a possibility of the baby having a Spinal Tube Defect – spina bifida and similar ailments. Depending on the severity of the problem, this might have meant that the baby would not be able to walk, or would be severely retarded, or other problems.

Then we had to wait for 2 days to find out whether this actually would be the case, and if so, what would we choose to do about it? This was the most agonizing part: having lost Allison, were we prepared to do something like that again? This was apart from the cerclage issue, which made things even more distressing.

Fortunately, Dr. JAffe, who took a look at the Ultrasound, pronounced that Mike’s spine seemed to be OK. That left one MAJOR issue resolved. I asked him how the cerclage was, and he said it appeared to be holding on. This was EXCELLENT news, and sorely needed. Later that evening, of course, Dr.Stein called us at home and told us that Dr. Jaffe had remarked that the cervix was in good shape as well, which while good news, still causes me worry.

How can that be? When this was the source of our previous sorrow? When they had mentioned the shortness of the cervix as recently as Monday?

Should I even be looking at this gift horse too closely? Does that make me an ingrate for what I guessis a real miracle for us? I am so worried that Ting’s heart would break if it happened again, and I so want to be happy. I guess I just don’t want to be so bitterly disappointed again.

And should we go ahead with the amniocentesis?


~ by Rob Parrilla on March 17, 2006.

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