First day of marking period 2

Today started off…

…well, weirdly.

The first 2 minutes went OK, but when i walked into the kitchen, all hell broke loose from the instant I struck the switchm and the kitchen lightbulb blew out. This was not a big event in itselfm except that I then discovered that I was out of coffee, so I had to grind a new batch, which when I went to the coffeepot ended up in the water part of the pot and not the filter part. AArrrgggHHH!!!! So in the darkness, here I am trying to scoop out the coffee while somehow attempting to salvage the water/coffee operation, with a really bad prognosis. Grinds dropping everywhere, in the dim light of the hallway.

So in a rage, I resolved to fix all the broken lightbulbs then in the house — in the lobby and now the kitchen — right there and then. Pulled the last 2 out of the closet, pulled the stepladder over, stepped up to replace the kitchen bulb, reacahing up to untwist the light fixture — did I mention that I had just taken a shower and was wearing only a towel? I was — when the towel started dropping off, forcing me to reach down fast to grab that, when ny wife came out of the bedroom, wondering what in hell was going on.

So we finally got all that cleaned up, got the bulbs replaced and actually managed to get a few cups of coffee out of the whole thing, and then Ting and I left the house together and got on the R train, and things seemed back on track again, until i remembered that I couldn’t get to work from the R train.

On to Times Square, then, where I got the train to Queens and ended up getting to work from the opposite direction I usually did. Except for this 4-hour window if craziness, the day actually went pretty well in school.


~ by Rob Parrilla on October 24, 2005.

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